Bogdan Karpovič

bogdan karpovic

Bogdan wasn’t a dog person at all before he met his wife Miglė 10 years ago. They used to run but without dogs, although they had a German Shorthaired Pointer. One day she told him about Canicross and asked if Bogdan wanted to give a try. He did, and participated in several events with a dog of a friend (also a GSP) from time to time, just for fun

After some time the family got a new dog, Invi, Bogdan’s current teammate. Invi’s full name is Callidus Invictum Upė. Invictum means undefeated, and that is how he is in his nature – always strives to be first in everything he does. When Invi was almost 2 years old, Bogdan started running with him and participating in local events in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. From his early years, he was crazy about canicross!

The team was usually faster than their competitors, so they decided to take this thing just a little bit more seriously – but just a little bit! – That might sound strange, but we rarely train together. I run by myself, he runs in the forest when we go for a walk or bike ride and we mostly meet at the competition. Invi is 6.5 years old now, but he is still strong and extremely eager to run. We don’t think about stopping, Bogdan says.


  • 1st place in the Baltic Cup (2018)
  • 2nd place Hard Dog Race 2018
  • 1st place Hard Dog Race 2019