Carlien Harms

Carlien Harms is a former top-athlete. She was Dutch champion and record holder on 10 km track and field running (32.22 min). Due to an injury, she started biking, dogscooter and Canicross. She has been racing with dogs since 2010. She loves the speed, teamwork and to see her dog’s love for the sport!

She started racing with her Rhodesian Ridgeback, who she also won medals with at the European Championships. These days she is racing with her Greysters: Mikke, Powerrr and Oslo. She also has a young dog coming up: Joonas. He’s a Scandinavian Hound, son of Powerrr.

Carlien has participated in European/World Championships since 2011, and her team almost always win medals in their category at the European Championships (Previously Veterans 1, Veterans 2 since 2018).

Sports nutrition for humans and dogs is her passion. Carlien works as a sports dietitian with the Dutch Olympic athletes and teams. She also took part in developing recovery nutrition made for dogs.


  • World Champion bikejoring in Poland (2018)
  • 2nd place, European Championships in Italy (2017)
  • 3rd place, in the EC in Czech Republic (2016).
  • European Champion bikejoring, Scotland (2015).
  • Several podium places, Trophée des Montagnes
  • 1st place, Dutch Championships in bikejoring, canicross and dogscooter several times