Henna Lappi

10 years ago Henna started training agility, but five years ago she discovered Canicross. She now has two dogs, doing agility with six year old kooikerhondje, Eka, and Canicross with three years old German Shorthaired Pointer, Ykä. Ykä is her first sleddog. Although, he trains agility too, just for fun. Before Henna got Ykä, she raced with his breeders dogs for a couple seasons in Canicross, biking, 2-dog scooter and skiing.

Henna did not have any experience with running before she started doing Canicross, so she experiences a deep learning curve; however, she made progress every year which led to great results.


  • Representing Finland in European/World Championships three times, three times in Canicross and last year in Sweden in biking.
  • Bronze and silver, Finnish Champions
  • Silver, Bikejoring women elite.